“I define power as the ability to make decisions that affect your own life and the lives of others, the freedom to shape and determine the story of who we are.”

– Alicia Garza, The Purpose of Power


The Vision:
Individual, couple, and family therapy sessions are offered for teens and adults in-person and via telehealth.
I accept some insurance plans via Alma.
Superbills are available upon request for possible reimbursement by insurance companies.
You are responsible for payment at the time of service.

Current Prices*
Intake appointment (60-90 mins.): $150
Individual sessions (45-50 mins.): $135
Couple sessions (45-50 mins.): $150
Family sessions (45-50 mins.): $150

*See FAQ for more information on prices.
Ideally For:
Utah residents ONLY.
Those with concerns such as anxiety, depression, and trauma requiring multiple sessions.
Those with multiple health and wellness concerns.
Those desiring a mental health diagnosis for personal, educational, and/or professional reasons.

Office Space

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounted session prices?

Yes! For those who are having some financial struggles, you can ask Niecie for a lower session price, and she will take off $40 for sessions. There is no need to demonstrate hardship with a pay stub or anything; this is up to you and what you determine to be financial hardship. You will need to fill out an alternative payment contract (provided by Niecie) to agree to pay this session price at the time of session, as you would with Niecie’s regular prices.

What is your availability for sessions?

Currently, I am seeing clients Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 9 am – 6 pm.

How do in-person sessions work?

In-person sessions involve you coming to my Orem office, having a seat on the couch, and exploring topics of your choosing each session. A mixture of directive and non-directive interventions will be used (i.e. sometimes Niecie will suggest activities or ask questions, and other times you will just tell her what’s on your mind). After 45-50 minutes, Niecie will end the session and charge the credit card she has for you on file. She will schedule your next session, and you will be on your way.

How do telehealth sessions work?

Very similarly to the in-person sessions, with a few adjustments. Niecie will send you a Zoom link ahead of the session time. You will find a quiet, private spot to have your session, and Niecie will also be in a private office space so confidentiality will be respected. Beforehand, you will have signed a consent document that outlines the benefits and risks of using telehealth services. If there are interruptions in the session (technical difficulties, excessive noise, etc.), another form of communication will be utilized (i.e. chat, phone) and/or the session will end.

How often should I have therapy sessions?

Most people start off having therapy at least once a week to get into the “flow” of therapy and build a relationship with their therapist. Once there has been some marked improvement with your primary reasons for starting therapy, sessions may move to once every other week or once a month. If you are keeping sessions at least once a month with Niecie, this can also be sufficient to build and maintain a therapy “flow” that can be beneficial.