General Background

Dr. Niecie Jones is a multi-hyphenate healing solutions expert who provides tools for refuge and empowerment. As a psychotherapist, she has worked in several clinical settings, from high schools to major hospitals. She currently sees clients in Orem, Utah and offers teletherapy services (via Zoom) throughout the states of Utah and California.

About Visionary Liberation

Visionary Liberation, LLC is a psychotherapy private practice dedicated to providing healing solutions for teens and adults. We are here to provide avenues to freedom and healing via creative, meaning-making practices. We believe healing and overall wellness are fundamental rights for every person, regardless of background or experience. Visionary Liberation offers traditional and non-traditional healing modalities for those seeking solutions. We are rooted in narrative, justice-based, and experiential theories and practice. Our approach is client-focused and ever-curious to aid in the exploration of lived experience.

We specialize in working with Black individuals and families, other marginalized racial and ethnic communities, and teens aged 12-18. We are skilled in helping with issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma. We curate safe spaces to re-story personal histories with the intent of empowerment rather than pathologizing. Our ultimate goal is to shift energy into something that is meaningful, health-promoting, and inspiring to our clients.

Photo 2: Black LDS Legacy