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Meet your Therapist

Dr. Eunicia “Niecie” Jones

Niecie is a licensed psychotherapist and lifelong learner of the arts committed to helping you clarify your vision in life. She has dedicated her life to learning more about the art of expression and helping others express themselves more authentically. She uses client-centered, meaning-making methods to provide a space of learning, healing, and empowerment for clients. Niecie currently offers in-person psychotherapy in the Orem, Utah area primarily as well as telehealth services throughout the state.

How can I help?

Take a look at my current offerings to see what may work best for you to expand your vision.

Individual Therapy

I offer individual therapy for clients looking to work on their immediate self and environment.

Couples Therapy

I offer couples therapy as both prevention and intervention for clients.

Family Therapy

I offer family therapy primarily for teens and their parents to improve understanding.