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Welcome to my blog space here at Visionary Liberation. Here I’ll be posting about topics related to mental health, wellness, meaning-making, creativity, and more. My name is Niecie Jones, for those who don’t know me yet. I’m technically a doctor, but the brainy kind rather than the medical kind (I have a PhD). I’m also a licensed therapist in Utah County and Salt Lake County. I work with primarily Black adults and teens on issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, and racial identity.

In addition to therapy services, I offer a few other services. I provide creativity coaching, which is coaching focused on the creative process. I also provide intuitive card readings, including tarot and oracle cards. All of these services can be provided for clients inside and outside of Utah. I do group wellness work, which includes consulting and workshops for small and large groups. I will talk more about these services in more depth in later posts.

I offer mostly virtual services (COVID is the WORST, am I right?) but will be offering in-person services hopefully by mid-February. My in-person office is located at 250 W. 540 N. in Orem, though you can only reach me there if you’ve got an appointment. It’s also currently being renovated into the office of my dreams (OOMD) so it’s not ready for clients, anyway. But there is the address in case you want to decide if you’re willing to travel from the Salt Lake City area, for instance, to see a therapist in Utah County. I highly recommend the commute because my office is located within the Utah Center for Connection, which is a space for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) practitioners to serve marginalized communities. It’s a dope space, and I’m happy for the opportunity to work with clients there.

My goal is to post once a month, but there may be more or less posts any given month, depending on how things are flowing. I am committed to writing here, though, because it feels like one of the best ways to get more of my thoughts, ideas, and musings out there to the masses in a way that social media doesn’t always provide space for.

So, here we are. Doing the blog thing. Hopefully, you’ll stick around and give this thing a shot with me!

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